Friday, July 4, 2008

A Family Affair

On Friday we arrived at the Olowalu Plantation House to photograph the wedding of Melissa & Ronel here on Maui. As we arrived, I noticed that the house was already buzzing & there was a high level of excitement in the air. It was quite the bustling property full of grandparents, grandchildren, aunties, uncles, lots of cousins and of course the beautiful bride tucked away getting ready for her big day. The groom showed up with all of his immediate family & close friends and they kept him company as he nervously awaited the ceremony. It was great to see everyone with lots of joy in their faces as these two huge families became one. Both sides were so supportive of each other and it seemed as though they had been a huge family all along. Paulo & I had such a great time capturing all of the love expressed that day.

Melissa & Ronel..we want to say Congratulations & enjoy your life have many wonderful people to share it with.


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marilyn said...

Melissa/Ronel congratulations!! These are beautiful pictures. You are both beautiful. Evidently, Melissa was a beautiful bride with beautiful smiles and so with Ronel-very handsome. Oh.. everything turned out beautifully. Praise God! I am very happy for you guys. Can't wait to see the rest!