Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oahu North Shore Engagement shoot

Last Sunday I met Travis and Nichole on the famous north shore of Oahu to photograph their engagement photos.
We started with an idea I had, to touch the icons of Haleiwa. A town famous for the surf lifestyle, classic surf-shops like "Surf & Sea" and the famous shave ice boutique "M.Matsumoto."
They were very much into the idea and made the photo-shoot full of excitement. "Thanks guys it was a blast!"
Travis and Nichole had a great sense of humor and were always ready to make the photos fun.

So we went for a walk around town.

Maybe not all of you know but here is the famous Surf & Sea. A surf shop that was featured on a couple classic surf movies.
Next to it a rusted woody with two old school surf planks on the roof rack.
It gave us a great prop for some fun.

Want to get a surf board? Here is the place, peek around.

After our walk we ended up going to a secret spot (that I won't mention) to photograph the sunset.
Plenty of beach with nobody around. It was a great day.
With a few different angles we made the last part of the shoot very intimate and fun.

Here is a slideshow..

Our next shoot will be on a very special date. Travis and Nichole will be getting merried 8.8.08
Congratulations and I will see you soon.



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