Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Kids Make It

I am sure that some parents would really love it if they had a babysitter for the resort wedding on Maui but it usually doesn't happen that way. I see lots of weddings where the parents are running around trying to keep the kids clean and out of the cake. As a photographer, I look forward to capturing children...lots of children. They are great for the shoot because they always bring out laughter to group shots and sweet moments with their moms. They are a lot of fun when they are with each other playing pretend or getting into the flower petals. These are the times that I give Paulo the eye & let him know I'm going to go play too. I have had a great time getting cute flower girls to play in petals & handsome little devils (the boys) to pose with their shades. Even the kids that start out shy usually warm up to the camera before the shoot is over. So even though the kids can be a handful, I ask you all to keep bringing them with you to the family events including weddings because they do bring great joy to the gathering. I love showing these moments to you when it is all said and done...

Here is a slideshow..


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